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Why you should enrol for a course at LearnBox today!

LearnBox-Course-Blog-1As students of schools and colleges alike approach the last leg of their summer vacations, the truth begins to sink in- it will soon be time to get back to studies and slogging once again as another semester of lessons, assignments, projects and tests waits round the corner.

Apart from the usual blues of working after a long lazy holiday, we also sometimes feel like we haven’t really had the productive summer we dreamt of. Some of us may have planned to seriously learn a new skill or do some kind of preparation for upcoming courses and as school starts we start to feel the disappointment of our unticked summer checklists. Fear not- it is never too late to begin learning with LearnBox and here are 4 reasons why you should enrol for a course today:

  1. Learning is fun, not a chore

Most of us approach new subjects with some amount of zeal and enthusiasm until we are greeted by the monotony of textbooks and lectures. It is also when students lose interest and learning becomes a chore rather than a quest for knowledge. This is where LearnBox courses are a boon- learn the toughest concepts from the brightest of minds through fun, innovative videos and activities that make learning a breeze!


  1. Flexibility of courses

How many of us feel we would be able to understand better, if we were allowed to learn at our own pace and without the burden of tests looming large? Classes consist of numerous students who vary from very fast to very slow learners. When made to learn at the same speed, it can be frustrating for both groups as neither of them operates as a speed comfortable to them. Here at LearnBox, courses are flexible- whether you’re the hare or the tortoise, morning person or a night owl, you can choose to tackle your lessons at the time you’re most comfortable with!


  1. Being ahead of the class is great!

Does your inner nerd love the feeling of putting your hand up when the teacher asks difficult questions? Great! Be ahead of the rest of the class as you hone your skills at programming and many other fields during the last few days of your vacation! Better marks are an added bonus 🙂


  1. Certification goes a long way

Anybody who has had experience writing a resume will agree on the fact that certifications can help bolster your biodata and also prove that you have taken interest in a particular field beyond the scope of textbooks and projects. A variety of skills ranging from Excel to Java to even blogging is recognized today and can go a long way in getting you that dream job!


So get started and pick a course you love-something that has been on your mind for quite a while and pursue it. Take your time to understand, to ponder and to have fun as you uncover the depths of the course. Oh and, do remember to file the certificate to your resume 🙂

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July 16, 2016

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