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The Cliché Career : Engineering

The month of May has arrived. The taxpayers evading the taxes are at relief as the financial year has reached his second month. The only troubling factor for the people is this bone melting summer where the temperature in New Delhi is almost 45°C. Everyone has the attention of this heat but the only set of teenagers who don’t care about this heat are the 12th passing students waiting for their Boards result which comes in the month of May.

Some of you reading this article may also be having the same tension. Anyway, after may you will have to make a choice. And not considering the students of arts and commerce, let’s directly jump to the students of the subject science who already made their life choices, given their entrances and waiting for good ranks in reputed universities in the field of engineering because, I too did the same.

Anyway, this is not the fault of the students that they have done this, it’s the society probably which has made engineering a very cliché career among every field. Now, if you choose science as your subject after 10th class, most of you think about engineering only as you probably have seen your elders doing the same or you might be told by your parents to do so.

The only thing which baffles me in this modern world is that isn’t this a stereotype? The human mind is capable of doing unlimited number of things then how can we expect almost every science student to be an engineer? People believe that only engineering allows you to have a decent job and doesn’t require much efforts.

Engineering has become a cliché due to the mentality of parents, the society and somewhere the government can also be blamed for the same because in order to be technologically developed, the government focuses on the engineering sector to be developed. It has become so common these days that on a humorous note, it is said that if you pick up a pebble and throw it away it will surely hit an engineer. So, with this much competition, how can one everyone expect to get a reputable job?

I wish you had economics during high school classes, it would have better told you about the supply and demand curve and if you had applied that before, you wouldn’t have made this choice or would have chosen science as a subject. Well, there is a need of change, we need to stand up to the factors which makes this cliché choice ours. We need to take off support from that mentality and have faith in our choices.

We need to be aware of the competition and should try to follow what suits us the best even if your loved ones stand in the way because you are the one who has to make the choice and if you don’t want to be the one to get hit by that pebble, start making better choices and make it worth everything.

May 24, 2016

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